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The task of renting a shipping container to Mexico for the first time may be a daunting one. However, by the use of careful planning and the use of a professional and knowledge shipping company will make that task easier. There are several parts of the equation that are already known. The amount, size and type of inventory is already known. The departing and destination is another known factor. Lastly, the amount of money that has been budgeted for the overall shipping container rates equates the final factor. The missing part of the equation is finding the perfect company to get the shipping container to Mexico.

When doing a price comparison of shipping container estimates, most major companies will offer the same rates. Unless a company is offering a special discount, the companies have the same operational costs. Therefore additional costs are basically under the consumer's control. If the details of the overall idea of transport are clear then a rough estimate can be calculated by a container shipping calculator. This helps any consumer understand the potential cost of a shipping container to Mexico in advance, which is naturally going to help the consumer develop a financial picture for all of their shipping, moving, and transporting costs.

Some of the costs of the transport will affected by the type of inventory that is being sent. Different materials require different types of containers. Inventory in boxes and other basic materials can be stored and transported in a basic container to Mexico with doors on either end. Tall items and oversized items will require a specialized container. Hazardous materials required a special shipping container to Mexico along with specialized handling instructions. One thing to remember is that domestic shipping is based on weight and overseas shipping will be based on volume. Developing an accurate weight estimate versus volume estimate is not all that difficult and will be necessary when calculating the potential costs for a shipping container to Mexico.

The consideration of pricing a shipping container to Mexico is not limited to just basic transport from one port to another, there is always the consideration of how the inventory will make it into the container and how the inventory will be handled and delivered once the shipment arrives. Some of the options of getting the inventory ready for shipment vary will be useful to different people within different locations. A shipping container to Mexico can be loaded or dropped and loaded at a residence or local business. Inventory can be delivered at the port and the responsibility of packing and loading will be the company's responsibility. If the inventory is located in a warehouse, it can be loaded from that location.

The standard choices are to ship 40 ft containers or ship 20 ft containers. Anything larger is possible but requires special handling. Partial shipment is negotiable depending on what is available. Acquiring a shipping container to Mexico does not have to be a huge headache. Naturally, it always helps to know all of the ins and outs to find the optimal choice of containment and transportation.

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Container Ports in Mexico

There are 10 Container Ports in Mexico: Port of Acapulco, Port of Altamira, Port of Ensenada, Port of Lazaro Cardenas, Port of Manzanillo, Port of Mazatlan, Port of Mexico City, Port of Progreso, Port of Puerto Caldera, Port of Tampico

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